Raising Awareness on the Impact of Smoking for Artists

Thank you to Amy Elliot for this article:

Smoking and Artistry: Overcoming Addiction
Written by QuitDay.org

Artists may sometimes smoke as a result of the stress and compulsion which is common to true visionists. We are asking that all artists from every background, painters, writers, and photographers, to demonstrate their passion and stand together to help end tobacco abuse.
Artistry is the spiritual and personal voyage which leads to the expression of life, love, death, and everything in between. The understanding of which can only be assumed by those who are truly open to alternative means of visual communication. Artists are the embodiment of creative means. These individuals walk on a plane of obscurity, truth, and interpretation. Looking past the obvious is but one trait of the artist. Art being an extension of one’s soul is another. Becoming a tool the art uses to become self-aware, independent, and whole, is the crux of true artistry.

This is where sometimes even the most courageous artist may become too entrenched in the brilliance that is art – obsession and addiction. There are many artists today that smoke cigarettes. Most people are fully aware of the abhorrent effects, both immediate and long-term, of smoking, however, some who have a deep relationship with art also have a relationship with stress and passion.

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