New Morning – Megan Ingber

New Morning I, 1973

When you think of pop art this piece by Alvin D. Loving Jr. encaptures all the qualities that come to mind.  The colors, shape, materials, and the arrangement all form uniquely to give the piece the pop and snap it needs. Loving was one of the few African-American abstract artists of this time.  During this time, most black artists were discouraged from producing abstract art. The use of complementary colors around the border of each trapezoid makes them pop out at you. If you look close enough you notice that there isn’t one single square in this piece.  Staring at one section can make the section pop out at you. Scanning across the piece as a whole can give you a trippy feeling, seeing different sections pop out and then flatten out. This piece goes from cool on one end to warm on the other, from light to dark. Throughout the piece there is almost always two trapezoids of the same color near each other.  This piece is very successful and admirable.