Salem #7 by Alanna Yanneck

Salem #7

    I chose to focus on Salem #7 by Antoni Milkowski. This sculpture was created in 1965-1967 out of Cor-Ten steel. This piece is a highly geometric sculpture, made out of six different cubes in a three dimensional cross-like shape. The use of Cor-Ten steel gives it a wethered and industrial look, similar to the industrial style of Richard Serra’s One Ton Prop. This piece is a clear example of minimalism, a work that is large and encompassing, but with little detail.

    I chose this piece because I liked the placement of it in contrast with the large building behind it. Both the sculpture and the building are large and industrial, but the lines in the sculpture takes my eyes in diagonal directions, while the building in the back has hundreds of windows that are vertical and lead my eyes up to the sky.