University Art Museum Artist Tour and Conversation

Exhibiting Artist Nicole Cherubini

Informal Artist Tour and Conversation

Tuesday, March 26, noon – 1 University Art Museum

Nicole Cherubini informal artist tour and conversation with art historians Rakhee Balaram and Sarah Cohen, UAlbany Department of Art and Art History, will delve into topics of art and gender politics on Tuesday, March 26, noon – 1 p.m.

we are here. Nicole Cherubini challenges conventions and expectations of sculpture through the artist’s primary medium: clay. By integrating elements like platforms, frames, wood armatures, fiberboard, acrylic paint, and found objects, Cherubini proposes distinct vantage points for viewing her objects and comments on the way they are displayed. Drawing on the proportions of the distinct architectural space of the Museum designed by Edward Durell Stone, Cherubini created mobile seating arrangements that reference her recent sculptural works as well as define the arc of her artistic career.