CALL FOR ART: 2022 Solo and/or Collaborative Exhibition

April 2 – May 8, 2022

All applications must be in by January 1, 2022

For our 2022 Season.
11 Jane St Art Center is accepting submissions for a solo and/or collaborative multidisciplinary exhibition from April 2 – May 8, 2022 which uses both Gallery North and Gallery South together. Applicants must live or work within approximately 100 miles of Saugerties, NY in order to deliver and install their own work. There are two connected galleries at 11 Jane St. Art Center. Gallery South is designated for 2D (including photography) and sculpture. Gallery North is designated for installation and performance including film/video, sound, dance and installation. Also available is the 750 sq ft courtyard. Artwork showing in both galleries must directly relate and inform each other. Our philosophy is “Art:Incubated” so works-in-progress are also accepted.$20 application fee.
For questions: [email protected]

All applications must be in by January 1, 2022. Applications received after January 1st will not be considered
for review.
Applications are juried by committee.


Both gallery spaces together must be utilized and exhibited works relate to each other. SOUTH GALLERY 2D and/or 3D works. NORTH GALLERY dedicated to installation, video, performance, sound art etc.

*** COLLABORATION does NOT mean a Group show.
If you choose to submit an exhibition of collaborative work you must:
a. Have a lead artist to represent your group when filling out the form and for your project.
b. You must work directly together on your project to create a cohesive whole.
c. If you choose a collaborative component it may be in both galleries or just one (performance/installation GALLERY NORTH or 2D/3D GALLERY South) . If you choose to do a collaborative component in only one of galleries spaces, the other gallery must also be utilized under then same theme by people or a person in your group.

BOTH Galleries MUST be utilized and relate to each other. 

The theme thread MUST tie through the entire show in both Gallery NORTH and Gallery South.Artists are also encouraged to do some kind of audience engagement ie; artist talk, lecture, performance with Q & A etc.

Eligibility: Artists living working within approximately 100 miles of Saugerties NY may submit a proposal. Artists must have a strong body of multidisciplinary work or collaborative history with other multidisciplinary artists when submitting work. Artist must be at least 18 years of age.
• 11 Jane St does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.
Media/Genre, etc: 11 Jane St is dedicated to experimental work in all media. Gallery South: 2D (including photography) and sculpture. Gallery North: installation and performance including film/video, sound, dance and installation. Artwork showing in both galleries must directly relate and inform each other.
Jury and Curation: 11 Jane St selection process involves a two-part system, first passing through our Exhibition Committee consisting of a 5 member panel of professionals, artists, and academic advisors and from here the final selection by the Executive Director of 11 Jane St Art Center.
Please Note: This gallery is a for-profit gallery so all works must be for sale. Performances may be ticketed events with 50% of the proceeds going to the gallery unless it is a free performance, integral to the installation, i.e. video loop etc. that can be run continuously for the duration of the exhibition.Commission: Artist retains 50% commission not including NY taxes.
PR: All exhibitions will be advertised in Chronogram, ARTCARDS, radio WKZE and multiple social media platforms. We will include all exhibitions on our new web site, new ARTSY site, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. as well as mailings and newsletters.

Application Guidelines:

  • All applications must include art across multiple disciplines. 
  • Submit up to 5 images that accurately represent your body of work.
  • Link to sound or performance videos
  • Images should be no smaller than 72 dpi or bigger than 300 dpi and should not exceed 10 MB per file. 
  • Save images as Artist last name, first name, title of work, Year. If the submission file of artwork isn’t saved as requested, the work will not be considered.

Additional required documents:

  • Artist statement
  • Artist biography
  • Resume or CV


  • All submissions must be sent through
  • No email submissions will be accepted.
  • $20 non-refundable application fee
  • Must be 18 or older to submit

Click here to apply for the 2022 Call for Art at 11 Jane St. Art Center

Gallery South #1
Gallery Space #2
Gallery North #1
Gallery North #2
ONLY If you are having issues submitting online, you may mail us a CD or flash drive by
December 19, 2021 with a check to 11 Jane Street LLC.

Important information: Label CD/flash drive with your name and contact information. Submissions via CD or flash drive must contain all of the required information, listed above.

Submissions will not be mailed back.

Please hand deliver dropped in our mail box or mailed to: 
Exhibitions Committee
11 Jane St Art Center
11 Jane Street Suite A, Saugerties NY 12207

Only complete proposals that adhere to the 11 Jane St Art Center submission guidelines will be considered. 

Please visit our web site and join our mailing list at