Upcoming Exhibition: Screenbathing

Presenting: Screenbathing by Adam Tinkle
Exhibition open January 20-February 12, 2022

For Screenbathing, Adam Tinkle will install a forest of screens and screen-bodies in our black box theater and foyer gallery to invite contemplation of the lives we lead on and off screens, and of the light and color that screens cast upon our lives. Tinkle’s work asks us to imagine our screens as sources of energy and light–elemental forces which might prove helpful and healthful, or not… 

Adam Tinkle will also offer the opportunity to explore and perhaps alter your relationship to screenlight through a one-on-one, artist-guided experimental session available by appointment on selected Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the exhibition.


January 6th 6 p.m. – Special Pre-Exhibition Performance and Discussion (see below)
January 20th 6 p.m. – Opening Reception & Gallery Discussion
February 12th 6 p.m. – Closing Performance with Seven Count & Special Guests

They Shoot Lasers, Don’t They?
Performance & Discussion
Thursday, January 6th at 6p.m.

Said to be the tool of Cold War spies, laser microphones pointed at windows, through fluids, or from great distances can record sounds that traditional microphones cannot detect–yet the technology has largely been forgotten.

They Shoot Lasers, Don’t They?, the duo formed by artist Adam Tinkle and audio research scientist/electronic musician Joe Mariglio, will present an evening of invention, research, and sonic discovery around the question of laser microphony on January 6th. The pair’s performance combines Mariglio’s handbuilt laser microphones with the tactile heave of low-frequency sound, dancing dishes of water, and cymatic projections.

Stay after the performance for a Q&A and hands-on demo of the laser instruments, including some tips to build your own!

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