Introducing Troy Glo!

Introducing Troy Glo

New lighting festival coming this winter!
Opportunities for artists!

The Arts Center of the Capital Region, the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Troy BID are thrilled to announce Troy Gloa dazzling new winter lighting festival opening the night of the 40th annual Victorian Stroll. With a series of contemporary light art installations at six venues around the downtown commercial district, Troy Glo will brighten the darkest month of the year and invite tourists and shoppers to revel in our city’s timeless beauty!
Troy Glo will illuminate the city’s unparalleled eighteenth century architecture from December 4, 2022 to January 9, 2023 with cutting-edge light art that will encourage people to get out of their cars and meander between installations, stopping at the many shops and restaurants along the way. The light art will be designed and installed by a team of local artists under the direction of Adam Frelin, the lead artist on the renowned 2016 project Breathing Lights
The size and sophistication of the artwork is expected to draw an estimated 25,000 visitors from the Capital Region and beyond over the course of a month. Synchronizing the opening with the Victorian Stroll, which is organized by the Chamber, will bring additional attention to the project and provide extra incentive for strollers to return to the beloved tradition. 

Elizabeth Reiss, CEO of the Arts Center of the Capital Region, said, “We’re offering something much different than a traditional holiday lights display. Troy Glo will be a public exhibition of light art, an emerging field that ranges from sculpture to video to immersive installation and incorporates a variety of technology. Adam Frelin and his eventual team are going to produce spectacular artwork that will attract tourists like moths to a flame.” 
Kate Manley, President of the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce, said, “People are clamoring for the Victorian Stroll to kick off their December season. It was Troy’s biggest event before the pandemic, and we’re just as eager to see everyone back out in their petticoats and parkas. We believe Troy Glo will help pull the community together again as we celebrate the Stroll’s fortieth anniversary!”
Geoff Brault, Executive Director of the Downtown Troy BID, said, “Downtown Troy is the most walkable and beautiful place in the Capital Region. With Troy Glo, we’re literally putting the city in the best light to showcase not just our amazing buildings but the fantastic locally-owned businesses that bring them to life. People will come to see the artwork and they’ll stay for a great meal or unique shopping experience.”