Dada Speaks

Blog post by Kelly Ann Raver

I spread the word of a truth you are not ready for. I write this manifesto to say that art should no longer be replicated, like paper dolls, cut from the same monotonous piece of worn out paper. This practice has grown so tiresome.  Art should be frivolous, nonsensical and free.  It should defy logic, and raise questions.  A new life must be given to the common, everyday doldrums of the art world. Everyone should really take a huge step forward in the name of progress and accept something new and unique.  However, I really do not need or care for your opinion or acceptance. To be frank, I don’t give a damn what you think about my work.  What matters is how I feel about it. It is not created to be beautiful or made for you to judge it. It comes from within myself. It is my own language, and I do not care if you speak it. We have had art dictated to us for far too long of how things should look, how things should be perceived.  I am not creating my work to please the stodgy wealth.  If the wealthy like it and want it, I will not complain, but it is not the purpose of my art.  Time and time again artists have paved the way for the next group of artists, and the next group of artists after them, but that did not make the art any better or worse, or worthy of purchase.  It was purchased because it was the same, respectable, lifeless work one would be expected to purchase. But, take notice! I will not be using paintbrushes and canvas to create the same worn out garbage that has been spoon fed to us forever. I will use whatever medium I desire, and turn it into something of my own inspiration.  My work may be something you find obscene. Morality is enslaving us all.  It is holding us hostage with its labels of what is acceptable in our perfect cookie cutter world.  I speak the truth. I want to push beyond the bounds of the chains the past has put on us, and will do so with whatever means necessary! I don’t care if you like it or not, because I am Dada, and I have finally arrived!